HHISP is funded by the Australian Government and implements services for the Health and HIV Program on behalf of the Government of Australia and of Papua New Guinea.

    HHISP is managed by Abt JTA in association with the Burnet Institute.

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  • Types of Support

    Types of Support

    The HHISP commenced on 1 April 2012, with its focus being to provide three kinds of implementation support to the Health and HIV Program in Papua New Guinea:

    • technical assistance
    • grants
    • research

  • High-level outcomes

    High-level outcomes

    Increase the percentage of 1 year old children nationally vaccinated with 3 doses of pentavalent vaccine to 80 per cent and measles vaccinations to 80 per cent by 2015;

    Increase the percentage of deliveries supervised by a trained nurse, midwife or doctor to 44 per cent by 2015;

  • High-level outcomes

    High-level outcomes

    Increase the availability of essential medical supplies, including drugs and testing equipment for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, through reducing stock outs to 15 per cent by 2015;

    Increase the percentage of condom use by males and females to 60 per cent in 2015;

  • High-level outcomes

    High-level outcomes

    Increase the distribution and accessibility of antiretroviral drugs to 80 per cent of HIV positive pregnant women to help prevent transmission from mother to child by 2015;

    Increase the availability of antiretroviral drugs to 68 per cent of the population (both men and women) in need by 2015.

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Latest News

New PC3 Laboratory at CPHL
Thursday, 16 June 2016

  The National Department of Health (NDOH), while commemorating World TB Day on March 24th, opened PNG’s first PC3 (Physical Containment Level 3) Laboratory for drug sensitivity testing. This enables in-country detection of drug-resistant tuberculosis instead of outsourcing the same ...

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Anglicare’s Port Moresby clinic sees up to 300 people monthly
Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Anglicare PNG’s Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) Clinic provides services to about 300 people a month. Apart from free HIV counselling and testing, people are also referred to their STI clinics for further testing,offered meals and also given home-based care, especially for people ...

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