Frequently Asked Questions

What is HHISP?

HHISP is an Australian Aid-funded provider that supports the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the PNG National Department of Health (NDoH) to improve health outcomes for all people in Papua New Guinea. These government agencies develop and lead the overall health and HIV strategy and task the HHISP as needs arise. The work and activities of the HHISP are tasked by DFAT to Abt JTA, which manages the HHISP in association with the Burnet Institute.

What services are provided by HHISP?

HHISP provides technical assistance, grants and research management, and procurement and logsitics services for national and provincial level departments and agencies, CSOs, NGOs, the private sector and most at risk HIV population groups.

Where is HHISP located?

The HHISP main office is located at Muruk Haus in Wagani and accommodates the senior management and administration and logistic teams as well as provides space for advisers and external consultants as required. HHISP also has its security and transport team located at its Gateway Hotel office.