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HHISP partners with the Port Moresby Cancer Society for its ‘Biggest Morning Tea’ fundraiser

On Friday May 31, 2013, as part of the Port Moresby Cancer Society’s annual ‘Biggest morning Tea’ fundraiser, the Abt JTA Women’s Committee organized a morning tea for staff members to raise funds and create awareness on cancer at the hhisp Muruk Haus office.

The small gathering proved special for many staff as also present to speak about her experience was Caroline Henao. Caroline is currently undergoing treatment for cancer of the cervices and is volunteering her time to speak to people about being diagnosed with cervical cancer two years ago and her journey going through months of treatment including radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Through cancer awareness, Caroline said she is hoping to make people aware, and in some instances reinforce the message, that cancer doesn't have to be a sentence of death.  She said early detection through regular health screening and being aware of your body is very vital. Along with the love and support of family and friends, being of positive mind and spirit and having faith are essential in the healing process, she said.  “I do hope that with greater awareness of cancer there will also be increased support of organisations such as the Papua New Guinea Cancer Relief Society and the Moresby Cancer Society,” Caroline said.

The Abt JTA Women’s Committee is an in house team made up of staff members who plan activities and initiatives that relate more to women and raise awareness of gender equity and social inclusion issues as well as supporting charity causes and women supporting women.

Thanks to all who attended the Biggest Morning Tea, the Abt JTA Women’s Committee raised a substantial amount of funds which will be donated to the Port Moresby Cancer Society to assist them in the fight against cancer and building more community awareness.

morning tea

Caroline Henao (second row, fifth from the right,) with female staff members of the hhisp during the ‘Biggest Morning Tea’ fundraiser event at the Muruk Haus office.