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Strengthening programs for MARPs through unique ID system

The revolutionary GeneXpert machine has helped with fast and efficient TB testing and thus quicker diagnosis and medications for TB positive patients. However, historically this system suffered from data compilation, storage and reporting challenges.

Not anymore with the recent installation of the GxAlert system - a networking system that compiles, records and sends out results in real time. Results can be received via text message or email.

The GxAlert Initiative is an internet database application that can greatly improve TB test reporting times and information sharing from GeneXpert and other rapid TB diagnostic machines.

The first GeneXpert machines were introduced to Papua New Guinea in 2012 and installed in the Central Public Health Laboratory in Port Moresby and Daru General Hospital. This was a milestone for the medical frontier in PNG.

Now with the cutting edge alert system it further helps the fight against TB. Patients get results several weeks or months quicker, reducing the chance of an MDR-TB positive patient infecting others because they start their treatment faster.

The GxAlert system updates a hospital or laboratories M&E system within seconds of the first diagnostic result. This helps move second line drugs to the right location, alerts facility personnel to take precautionary measures and enables treatment to begin quickly.

The GxAlert has been funded by the Australian Government and implemented by HHISP in May 2015, and it is anticipated that the remaining 15 NDoH GeneXpert instruments will also be linked with the GxAlert system this year.