Key Partners


Abt JTA is the lead management contractor of the HHISP. Abt JTA is a specialist international health and social sector consulting company that provides services to public and private sector clients. Abt JTA's domestic and international clients range from donor agencies, national governments, mining operations and private enterprises and its services span across a number of speciality areas including project management, policy development, service delivery, consulting and training.

Abt JTA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abt Associates which is a global research and program implementation firm specializing in health, social and environmental policy and international development. It conducts work in more than 70 countries.

Abt JTA's work is divided in to the following areas:

The firm's multi-disciplinary team of skilled technical specialists and project managers deliver practical solutions to a range of challenges. This results in Abt JTA being a highly capable, cohesive and adaptable business partner that can respond to its clients changing needs.

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