Key Partners

Burnet Institute

The Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health (Burnet Institute) is an Australian, not-for-profit, unaligned and independent organisation that links medical research with public health action, recognising that solutions to many of the major global health problems require comprehensive and innovative responses. These include novel discoveries, such as the development of new vaccines and diagnostic tests, and the better use of existing best-practice health interventions.

With an estimated 33 million people living with HIV and millions more affected by other infectious diseases, Burnet Institute is playing its part in trying to improve the health of disadvantaged, poor or otherwise vulnerable communities.

For more than a decade, Burnet has addressed some of PNG’s critical health problems by implementing community-based programs using international development and public health principles. The institute has also undertaken social and clinical research, supporting the development of an improved evidence base to inform policy development.

Partnering with both government and non-government health agencies and regional research networks, they have focused on major health issues such as HIV, alcohol and other drugs use, sexual health, malaria, measles, birth dose vaccines, and maternal and child health. With their extensive experience in the field, Burnet has forged a strong understanding of the diversity and complexity of health programming in PNG.

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